Working on getting my website up and running…

Still working on getting my website up and running.

I’m starting it up so I can further network with other diehard Brewers fans, baseball fans and ballhawks alike. 

In the meantime, looking forward to seeing fellow ballhawk Zack Hample on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno October 8th. 

You deserve it!  Good Luck Zack!!


Welcome aboard BrewTown Ballhawk. Your name wouldn’t happen to be Dave would it?

How long have you been a “Ballhawk”?

Just wondering if I know you😉


Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’m not quite the ballhawk you are, I’ve got one ball ever from a game and it was a foul ball hit by a Tiger back when the Crew was in the AL.

Hey, thanks for stopping by my Sports by the Numbers blog and leaving a comment! Sorry about the Brewers loss to the Phillies — I was hoping that series would get back to Philly and CC would get another shot on the mound.

— David


I was sitting around at my computer tonight, cracked a Miller Lite, and was checking the Brewers website for the latest news. Congrats to C.C. Sabathia by the way!!! Then I decided to try and there it was. That led me here and now I’m makeing my MLB blogging debut! (It took me a while to remember my MLB password)

I like the website….I know its new but you need some pictures and I can’t wait for the videos!!


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