Meet “The Happy Youngster” on Fox6 Milwaukee!

I’ve been working on getting a few videos up on this blog…finally, here’s the first!

This aired on Fox 6’s “Perry’s People” here in Milwaukee a few years back.


I know it’s not the best quality…but you get the gist of it!  More to come…

So, whaddya think?


AHHHHHHH! It’s Mattie V!!! That was a pretty sweet video. I was like, is that Matt V., and then there he was! But I think he’s not on the Padres broadcasting staff any more. Wow, 2 home runs balls in one night? That is pretty cool!

Wow, Nick! You’re a celebrity all right. And those catches were awesome! Maybe I should print up “She-Fan” T shirts and wear them to Yankees games, even though I’d probably duck if a ball came near me. Great video.

Nice………… I like it.

You might be working towards your career with the interview and video process. Keep up the good work.

Next time you see old Seth “Big Red” McClung, tell him you know his Rightfield guy from the Rays. When that guy is on………everyone is out at the plate.

Congrats and keep the camera rolling.

Rays Renegade

What’s the haps Happy? That second catch was a work of art. What a great stadium for snagging, it looked empty…a baseball snaggers dream. Props on making it to the big tube brotha…D

Nice video. It’s obvious that you’re having fun with this. Keep up the good catching.

Ahh, great vid. Seems home run catching is becoming a rout to stardom. Congrats with it. Loved the t-shirt, but just out of curiousity, you still going to stick with the “happy youngster” tag when you’re older?
V –

Very Cool Happy! I really miss County Stadium! I only grabbed 1 HR up there and just over 112 balls in about 25 or so games but it was always a lot of fun!

I guess I need to get the Levi’s commercial I was in loaded and online. It will take a little time because I have to get another copy of it from the Ad Agency. It was shot in 1990 outside of Wrigley. Spike Lee was the Director and producer. Really cool!

In 2004 I was in the MasterCard Red Sox commercial where people told what they would give up. Can you guess what I said????


My daughter new I wasn’t serious, in fact after the Sox made that awesome comeback I emailed and called MasterCard’s offices and told them I can’t give up my first born but I’d sure like to go to a World Series game. The day of Game 1 I received 2 tickets in the mail!!

Keep it up!
Major League Ballhawk
Author of: Taking Home A Piece Of The Game

Those were some pretty awesome catches! I caught a homerun ball in batting practice once. Even in batting practice, it is quite a thrill. That is an awesome story!

Vasgersian was amazing-I miss him.

thanks, but I have nothing on an accomplished author like yourself.

“Big Red” Seth McClung is a favorite of mine. He always seems to make time for the fans.

Rockpile Ranter…
D! Thanks for the kind words. County Stadium was fun and empty at times-I miss that place.

Ballhawking never seems to get old-I’ll do it as long as I can.

Thanks. I think I’ll always use “The Happy Youngster” as my calling card.

I saw in your bio you used to be near Milwaukee?! First born? That’s hilarious!

That feeling never gets old-thanks for the kind words.

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