Yet another shameless act of self-promotion…Charlie Hayes game home run catch

From time to time, I like to look back at a few of the home run catches I’ve made over the years; take a trip down memory lane.

It’s also nice to have video footage of some of the catches…validates what I’m sayin’…know what I mean?

Shameless…I know.  But, what can I say?  I like being on TV🙂
Check it out anyway-it’s only 41 seconds long.

Gotta love a sports anchor willing to give a plug (to someone not on the field of play) from time to time.

And as you probably noticed, I’m kinda passionate about ballhawking!

          Here’s a picture of the Charlie Hayes home run baseball I caught in the video.
Charlie Hayes game home run.jpg                            Here’s a picture of the man who hit the home run.
charlie hayes brewers pic.jpgSome
of my Yankees readers (She-Fan!) may remember this moment (for which
Charlie is most fondly remembered for).  That was one helluva team!
charlie hayes last out pic.jpg
Home run details

Date hit:  June 4, 2000
Player:  1B Charlie Hayes
Team:  Milwaukee Brewers
Vs:  Colorado Rockies
Against:  Pitcher Kevin Jarvis
Inning:  Bottom of 4th
Venue:  Milwaukee County Stadium
Type:  solo shot
Career home run # 140


Great video Happy!


I know this sounds stupid..but Im kind of new.
How do you add a video to your post??

That was a great catch. Wow, 8 years ago!

Oh sure, I mean, the team’s probably only going to be around $300 mil or so. I’m sure you and I can just find 300 mil and buy the team, you know. But we might have to get a *cough* BIG loan. Suuuuuure.


thanks for stopping by the blog.
If you want to add a video (like youtube) to your post, copy and paste the following link to watch an instructional video regarding this process. Follow the steps and it’s easy!

Hope that helps!

I know-8 years seems like a long time ago. But, I’m starting from the beginning. My newer footage is coming!
RE: purchasing the Padres…one can dream! 🙂


OMG, Happy. I love Charlie Hayes and I love this video! You’re amazing. I also love how the anchorwoman said, “The Brewers aren’t Happy Youngsters because…” She named them after you! Great job and keep these clips coming.

Thanks so much for your help!
Yeah, Matt LaPorta is going to be pretty
awesome. (: Im so thankful we got him.

That’s cool happy, sweet snag. One thing that can slow a snaggers flow is other fans. Those bleachers looked empty brotha. Great for your stats…D.

The “World Famous” Happyyoungster !!!

“Nice catch” and “cool video” !!! … Making that catch had to be a great feeling, first catching the HR ball, and, then, watching it on the sports report on T.V., and hearing the sports anchor use your name in the report !!! … And, yes, seeing the picture of Charlie Hayes catching the final out of the 1996 World Series, did bring back many memories of that great 1996 World Championship Yankees team !!!… Keep up the great work on yuor blog … I look forward to more of your videos !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

Sorry it’s taken so long to respond, I was trying to survive exams week! Nice video of you being on TV! That’s so cool that you’ve caught numerous home run balls!

Funny how catching a ball at a game lives in your memory forever, no matter how obscure the player that hit, or pitched the ball is. You have video evidence, which is great. The only time I caught a ball, at a game, was when I was a kid. I took a trip to Cleveland with my father. I saw the Brewers play the Indians, when the Brewers were in the American League. Joe Oliver, catcher for the Brewers at the time, fouled one off from a Denis (el Presidente) Martinez pitch. Joe Oliver would have been lost in my memory banks forever, if it were not for that.

the feeling is mutual🙂
I’m glad I could help.
Thanks, but I always found I had better luck when the stands were full!?!
I think that’s a stretch but I’ll take the compliment. The feeling of grabbing a home run ball never gets old. From the first one to the most recent, it just hasn’t changed. I love ballhawking!!
No sweat! I hope you “aced” all the tests.


I remember Joe Oliver! He was known for the year or two he was here in Milwaukee for having the largest head known to man. It was like a custom size 8+.
Your story is yet another reason the game of baseball is so precious. Nice job!!


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