December 2008

Happy’s Winter Meetings Wishlist…Starting Pitching Trade Possibilities

TO:  Doug Melvin GM – Milwaukee Brewers

(Feel free to print this checklist out and take it with you to the Winter Meetings)


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Good young pitcher that might be available in exchange for a big-league ready hitter.  Under team control through 2010, Zack has only scratched the surface of his potential.

jeremy bonderman pic.jpg


Might be available for offense due to Tigers excessive investment in starting pitching.  Young and ready to bounce back after a down year in ’08.  He’s signed through 2010.

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Signed through 2010, Cabrera has untapped potential.  The O’s might be ready to give up on him for some prospects.  Could be worth a shot for a team like the Brew Crew.

 boof bonser pic.jpg


Another candidate for a bounceback campaign, Bonser could be dealt for a 2nd baseman. 

bronson arroyo pic.jpeg


The Reds are apparently quietly listening to offers for Arroyo.  He’s durable and an absolute innings-eater.  Could be a decent pickup.

nate robertson.jpg


(See Jeremy Bonderman)

When you’re a smaller market team like the Milwaukee Brewers, you can’t battle with the big boys in terms of free agent spending.  That’s why trades become a more feasible option.  I don’t know what the Brewers plan to do, but one thing is for certain, they better add a legit starting pitcher to the mix if they want to contend again in ’09.

Would Randy Johnson consider the Milwaukee Brewers?

So, I was sitting around the house day-dreaming about the ’09 ballhawking season when I came up with an interesting notion…what if the Brewers contacted Big Randy’s people and Big Randy’s people contacted the Brewers people and talked about a possible 1 yr. deal to come pitch for the Brew Crew??!!

Allow me to digress for a moment.

The Brewers rotation WILL lose two big guns to free agency.

sabathia pitching.jpg

Adios big boy.

C.C. Sabathia is looking down the barrel of a 6yr/140MM offer from the Yanks (probably more).

sheets pitching.jpg

Ol’ Benny boy will become permanently MIA instead of just every 5th day.

Ben Sheets is looking down the barrel of a much smaller gun this offseason.  One that will still pay him 2-3 yrs @ 14-15MM per year.

Which leads me to the guys who will actually be there in 2009.

gallardo pitching.jpg                                                      Ace            
                                  YOVANI GALLARDO

question mark pic.jpg                                                           #2 Pitcher          
               That’s a big question mark…insert “Big Unit” here (more about that later)

bush pitching.jpg                                                        #3 Pitcher
                                   DAVE BUSH…steady and reliable.

parra pitching.jpg                                                        #4 Pitcher
                              MANNY PARRA…young lefty full of ace potential.

suppan pitching.jpg                                                          #5 Pitcher
                   JEFF SUPPAN…what else we going to do with him and his salary?

Which leads me back to Randy Johnson. 

Here are a few things of note:

1.  The man is not returning to pitch for the D’backs.  This we know.  They offered him 2-3 million to come back in ’09.  He said he would’ve settled for 8 million. 
2.  He seeks a 1 yr. deal.  Low risk/high return.
3.  He is left-handed.
4.  He still throws heat.
5.  He is 5 wins shy of the elite 300 win club.
(imagine the marketing opportunities…souvenir flamethrowers, anyone?)
6.  He still has gas left in the tank. 

Take a look at his 2008 statistics

-30 starts
-11 wins/10 losses
-3.91 ERA
-.260 Batting Average Against
-184 Innings Pitched
-173 K’s


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