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The ball that started it all…Game home run #1

I figured since it’s the offseason and most of the major league
clubs seem to be sitting on their wallets right now (minus the
Yankees), I wanted to take a few minutes to reminisce back to the home
run ball that started the ballhawking fever.

2nd, 1998 – JIM THOME

of 3rd inning off Brad Woodall/1 on base w/ 2 outs

of 1998/CAREER HR #155

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Seated in the end seat of the front row of
Section N in the Right Field Bleachers of Milwaukee County Stadium and also
playing the right field well, Thome came to bat.  Crack!! 
The burly slugger put good wood on it. 
The ball’s path was to my right looking toward home plate.  I knew it wouldn’t be deep.  I stood up and everyone converged including
my older brother who was seated directly to my left.   Considering the natural hook toward the foul
pole, the ball ended up clanking off a few hands and mitts (sorry, Jon) two
seats over to my left in the front row. 
As everyone looked around for the ball, with no one yet claiming
ownership, I looked to the field first…no home run ball!  My natural reaction was to look to the floor
and behind me.  There it was nestled
safely on top of my backpack that was positioned behind my seat.  Weird luck? 
Maybe, but a ballhawk was born!!

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